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As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly thinking about what makes sense for the business. What makes sense financially? How should you market it? How should you brand it? How are you going to reach prospective customers and clients? How will you appeal to them? Being in the space of running the business, and always having your boss hat on can make you miss some markers. You also run the risk of your brand coming off as “cold.” But how do you bridge that gap? The first step is to step out of the mind frame of a boss, and think like a customer. 

Think about the businesses you patronize. From your favorite café, to your favorite music subscription service, on to your favorite online boutique. What is appealing about the brands and businesses you love? How do they speak to you as a customer? What about their message do you relate to? Think about the answers to those questions, and then go back and examine how you are speaking to your customers. Sometimes we forget that the people who are spending money on our small business are humans just like us. They’re not just sales goals on a spreadsheet!

Look at your business, and what you offer, and think about your approach and product from your customers perspective. Market research has turned spending habits into a science, but it is emotional for the customer. You work hard for your money, and you’re careful how and where you spend it. If you find yourself missing your mark, or not meeting your sales goals, or not converting interest into dollars, step out from behind the brand, and get in the front. This is a numbers game, yes, but its a human game, too.


I know I talk a lot about your approach and how having a right approach is important, but sometimes the problem is the product. Is it a good product? Does it offer value to your customers lives? Perhaps that is what is not connecting.


This is where you have to think like a customer. Are you presenting your product or service to them in a way that they are connecting with? That relates to their lifestyle? A lot of times we miscommunicate our message without realizing it. You have to be able to navigate in and out of being your boss and being your customer.

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