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The saying “if you build it, they will come” may have worked for Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams, but that doesn’t work for brand building. Building it is not enough. Telling your loved ones about it is not enough. Asking all of your friends to retweet your link and like your Facebook page is not enough. You must be taking action in getting your brands name out there, and gaining ground outside of your personal network. Depending on your type of business, there are several ways to go about raising your brands profile and gaining new leads, but there are three things you could be doing now for cheap or free no matter what type of business you are running.


No matter what size city you’re in, but especially if you are in a major market like NYC or LA, find out what events are coming up in your area.¬†Reach out to the brands owner or event producer and offer free products or a coupon for your service to add to their goodie bag. No business is going to turn down free goodies to giveaway! Offer to be a sponsor for their event. You can even reach out to a local event planning company and let them know you are interested in offering goodies for relevant upcoming¬†events they are producing.


This is actually my favorite! Partner with local businesses in your area, and offer either cross promoting, or incentives to their customers. You own a hair salon? Partner with the busy nail salon in your neighborhood to send clients to each other. You own a line of hair products? Partner with a busy hair salon to sell your products retail. When seeking out partnerships, you want to offer the other business value as well. You can’t be the only one benefitting from the partnership! Don’t just ask to put flyers in their window, you will almost always get a no, or your flyers will simply end up in the trash.


I know this sounds odd, right? I initially got the idea while reading an issue of Fast Company. I immediately thought it was brilliant, if done right! Music festivals draw out crowds that can go into the 100,000’s. If you create hand made flower crowns or pastel color clip in extensions, rent a booth at Coachella. You own a line of all natural candles and body oils? Rent a booth at Afro Punk. This can be pretty expensive, so you want to be selective and strategic about which festivals you choose to take part in and how you plan on appealing to that particular festivals crowd, and what type of incentive you want to offer the festival goers for them to shop again with your brand long after the festival is over.

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