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Instagram is my faaaaavorite social media platform! Whenever I take on a new project, or launch a new business, my focus is always on Instagram, due to the way you can organically reach prospective customers, engage with your audience and show off your product or service. Its an extremely valuable platform, but it can be challenging if you don’t know how to utilize it. Sure its important to take beautiful images, and update frequently, but what else could you be doing to take your brands visibility up a notch on Instagram? 


Geotagging your location is great for local businesses, and for the entrepreneurs who own brick and mortar shops, so followers in your area can know exactly where you are located. But its not just for local businesses! If you work from home, but you go into the local coffee shop to get some work done, tag that coffee shop. Tag the location of events you attend, and places you lunch. Many Instagram users search the location of places they’ve either been or plan on going to, to see who has been there and what they did or ordered there.


Don’t be one of those brands that think they are above replying to comments on their posts. Engaging your followers encourages more engagement, from them and from others. If they ask a question about your business, answer it. If you post a cool picture of you or your product and they compliment it, thank them. You don’t have to do this for every single comment, but you should be engaging your followers on a regular basis to build a rapport with your customers or audience.


If you ordered a coffee mug with an inspirational quote from an online business, tag them in the image when you post it. If you picked up the newest issue of InStyle, and take a cool picture of it with that mug, tag InStyle, the celebrity that is on the cover, and the online business you ordered the mug from. Brands check their tags, and like images they are tagged in all the time. Some will even follow you after checking out your page. When I was gearing up to launch my second business Bare Mane, I was posting pictures of all natural hair products all the time and constantly tagging them! Not only did most of the brands I tagged liked my pictures, but most of them followed me back after seeing that my brands mission aligned with theirs.


Your bio should be engaging, tell what you do, and have a little personality. A bio is one of the things people consider when they are deciding whether or not to follow you, so make yours a good one! A good example of an engaging, and effective Instagram bio is Birchbox’s:

Beauty made easy. Try, love, buy. 📷 Tag your posts with #Birchbox 👻 Snapchat: birchbox 👇 Shop our feed:

I know what they’re about, I’m encouraged to engage with their hashtag, I also know where to find them on their other social platform and where to go to shop. Ba-da-boom.


This is another strategy that encourages major engagement and fosters community. If your followers know that they have a chance of being featured on your page, they will be more inclined to tag you in their photos and essentially promote your products on their page. Reposting your followers also gives you content to work with so you are not constantly clamoring to find pictures to post because they are there for you already. Brands that do an amazing job of this include Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX Cosmetics, Lime Crime, Huda Beauty, Curl Box, and Curlkalon. They, along with many others, are constantly reposting their followers! If the product is displayed well and the picture looks beautiful, share away.

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