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Running an online business selling goods like cosmetics, hair or body products can be extremely competitive. It can be hard to stand out, but there are ways to set yourself apart and do it in ways that are authentic and impactful. I speak a lot about social media branding and marketing, and carving out space for your self in the social space, but then what? After a person is floored by your Instagram curation, and your Pinterest board game, and your timely Twitter wit, then what? It is important that we follow that experience all the way through. From your online presentation, to their shopping experience, to the unboxing experience, on down to the product itself. Your customers experience with your brand should be consistent and positive from beginning to end. It’s what keeps them coming back and spreading the good word.


Shipping boxes with your logo branded on it not only gives your business legitimacy, but it increases brand awareness, and creates excitement. When I was working at Birchbox, and was going through their corporate training, they played us a video montage of their members unboxing their monthly Birchbox. They were all excited, and it was something they all looked forward to every month. This experience was one of the cornerstones of the Birchbox experience, and it was something that made the company very proud. Their pink boxes simply branded with a white “B” totally elevated the experience. Sure you can ship off your goods in a USPS flat rate shipping box, but its not memorable, and its not an experience. It’s just another package. If fully branded boxes are too big of a cost for your business right now, opt for plain boxes and brand it with stickers, or use a branded packing tape, like Amazon does. There are ways to elevate this part of the experience without cutting into your cost too much, so explore your options.


A thank you note is always nice, and who doesn’t like receiving those? Your customer could spend their hard earned money anywhere, but they chose to spend it with you and on your business. A standard thank you note saying something like:

“Thank you for your business. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Xo, [yours and/or your brands name]”

You can make this card say anything, and even add something personal about it being made by hand or with love. This adds a nice touch, and ordering a stack of ready made thank you cards from places like Vista Print won’t put a huge dent in your pocket. You can get 1,000 small thank you flyers for about $100.


I know you weren’t going to just throw your products in a box raw like that? Girl. No. This option really boils down to cost, at least for me, because I’m all for cutting costs without compromising the customer experience. Wrapping your goods in tissue paper, like Birchbox, and countless other brands do, is the cheapest option. You can order a big bulk on eBay or Amazon at a low cost, lay it in your box, put your goods in, and then cover your goods with the tissue paper. If you have pretty good profit margins and can afford to splurge on cushioning like shredded tissue paper, metallic shred, or other shreds, absolutely go for it. This is the best option for shipping fragile products, or keeping single products in place so they don’t dance around in the package like they would with tissue paper. Now, when I say splurge, I use that term lightly. Considering you can get 10 lbs. of recycled tissue paper shred for $42 at Paper Mart.


Shamelessly brand your business, and promote your ish! Throw in a flyer for a special you have coming up! Have a full range of products? Throw in a brochure to tell them aaaalll about your other goods you have in stock and why they need those too! Just got picked up by a retailer? Let them know they can shop for your stuff there too. Stickers for their laptops and notebooks, refrigerator magnets, have fun and get creative with this part. But remember to do what makes sense brand wise and cost wise at the stage you are at. Stickers are super cheap and cool, so if you wanted to throw in a sticker with a quote and your website on the bottom (these kinds would be put to use much more than stickers with just your logo), do that. Unless the name of your business is Dope Mom Approved. Then a sticker with your business name would actually be perfect. Heeeey.

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