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Entrepreneurs are conditioned to anticipate failure. We are taught that in everything we do, we must be ready to combat any challenges that may come our way, and do not get me wrong here, that is important. It is important to anticipate challenges, because they are inevitable and necessary. But sometimes we spin our wheels getting ready for upsets that we completely forget to plan for our success as well. Sure, we know we have to market and promote our butt’s off to get our names out there, but what happens when they find you? What happens when your big break comes in the form of a major outlet finding your brand online and saying “wow, this looks amazing, I want to highlight this!” Are you ready for that? 


Whether you sell products or provide a service, you should always have professional hi-resolution pictures ready to send to whomever may ask of them at all times. Say you have a line of all natural soy candles fragranced with essential oils, have professional brand photos of them styled with the plant(s) or flower(s) incorporated into the scent profile to send to bloggers or writers when they ask. If you do hair, have professional photos of your work ready to send. You should always have brand shots ready. Several of them.


Head shots are not just the stuff of corporate America. No matter what you do or what kind of professional or entrepreneur you are, you should always have these. Sometimes opportunities pop up that want to highlight you and not just your brand! If your brand has a unique angle or voice, or you’re the only woman, youngest woman, or a minority woman in your field, writers may reach out wanting to feature you! Have close up, half body, full body, professional attire, casual, and you should always, always be in your element. If you design and sew your own fashion line, have some pictures of you in your design studio/room, sewing clothes, have rolls or bunches of fabric on the table beside you. Show them what you do.


Your media kit is basically a detailed, PDF version of your website. It tells people what you are about, what your brand is about, it includes pictures and any information about your business you may want people to know. When people reach out to you and want to know more about you and your business, instead of writing them a long winded e-mail with typos dashed throughout it, you send them your media kit. Have one professionally designed and ready to go at all times. Unless you are really good at designing media kits, I wouldn’t recommend you do this yourself. If you invest in only one thing for your brand, let it be this.


Dropbox is basically God’s gift to social entrepreneur ship. All of the above mentioned should be organized in your Dropbox, which you can access online or through the app. Have everything categorized and prepared to send when requested. Lack of organization and preparation leads to missed opportunities. If you are having one of those days where you’re on the go and can’t sit down to find, filter and send things off, have it pre-organized and ready. They ask, you send, with very little wait time for them. Dropbox is a life saver. Trust me.


24 hours. That is all you should give yourself. Any interest from any outlets to give you publicity, give yourself no more than 24 hours to get your stuff in order to send them. And do no do the most. If you have a cosmetics line, and they said “hey, I really would like to feature your red rogue matte liquid lipstick in our holiday gift guide,” you send them that. Do not overwhelm them and send them every single lipstick you have ever made, plus prototypes you’re working on. Chill out. Respond to the specific opportunity presented to you.

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